wood and charcoalarchaeobotany; plant macrofossilsfossil insects; archaeoentomologymolluscspalaeohydrology and climateanimal bone; zooarchaeologypollen; palynologyhuman bone; osteoarchaeologyintestinal parasite

about IPEAN


the Irish Palaeoecology and Environmental Archaeology Network

IPEAN is a private initiative which operates through the www.ipean.ie website.

The IPEAN website informs on the value of palaeoenvironmental work, provides a directory of specialists and analyses and acts as a resource with links to courses, seminars, publications, conferences, tender and job advertisements.

IPEAN presents a vehicle to facilitate communication between the different branches of environmental archaeology and palaeoecology and to address common issues across these fields.

The network is open to palaeoecologists and environmental archaeologists working in Ireland or on Irish material with postgraduate qualifications in their fields.   For the price and the reliability that comes with the movement, I am ok with this slight rolex replica uk in the design, but some others might find it unacceptable. The selling point for me with replica watches is the thick stainless steel case paired with a scratch resistant. If you can follow regatta racing and are clear on some of the physical rigors involved for people or replica watches on board one of these vessels in a race. For anyone who has ever been on a boat and I am not talking cruiseship here, a boat is a horrible place for a nice replica watches sale which this is except the price. You will bang it to crap and it will look like dog shite in no time. This pointless gimmicky rolex replica sale is the last thing you need while running in a highly competitive race and the 2017 rolex replica is the cherry on this really expensive tofuty cake. 

Irish Palaeoecology and Environmental Archaeology Network

contact: info@ipean.ie