wood and charcoalarchaeobotany; plant macrofossilsfossil insects; archaeoentomologymolluscspalaeohydrology and climateanimal bone; zooarchaeologypollen; palynologyhuman bone; osteoarchaeologyintestinal parasite
General National Monument Service, Monuments, Shipwrecks and Excavation Reports
Excavations.ie, Database of Irish Excavation Reports
NRA, Archaeological Database
OSI, modern and historic mapviewer
Wood and charcoal WODAN, Archaeological wood and charcoal database
InsideWood Database
Charcoal Analysis Web
Archaeobotany Irish Food Plant Remains, contact Meriel McClatchie
ABCD, Archaeobotanical Computer Database
ePIC, Electronic Plant Information Centre
SID, Seed Information Database
Integrated Archaeobotanical Research Project, Interpretation of all aspects of archaeobotanical research
Digital Seed Atlas of the Netherlands
Seed Id Workshop
Flora Celtica
Links for Palaeobotanists
Mansfeld's World Database of Agricultural and Horticultural Crops
Dr. Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases
Fossil insects Bugs Coleopteran Ecology Package
Picture database of European Carabidae
European Carabidae, Buprestidae, Bruchidae, Curculionidae & Scolytidae
Irish checklist of beetles and other insects
Photogallery of European beetles
Bark and wood-boring beetles - American and European species
Checklist and identification aid to European Chrysomelidae
Checklist of British Beetles, photogallery and more
Molluscs Malacolog, Western Atlantic Marine Mollusca
Palaeohydrology and climate PANGAEA, Publishing Network for Geoscientific & Environmental Data
NOAA, Palaeoclimatology National Climatic Data Center, USA
Animal bone ABMAP, Animal Bone Metrical Archive Project
Will's Skull Page
Archeozoo, Photogallery
Bird skull collection
Digital Morphology, 3D images of sceletal remains
Pollen IPOL, the Irish Pollen Site Database
Euopean Pollen Database
Internet Directory for Palaeobotany and Palynology
PalDat, Austrian Palynological Database
GPD, Global Pollen Database
University of Arizona Catalog of Internet Pollen and Spore Images
POLLENATLAS Photographs of mounted pollen
Human bone WORD, Wellcome Osteological Research Database
Intestinal parasites The Dung File
Dating Tephrabase, Tephrochronological Database
Site Index to Radiocarbon Dates from Great Britain and Ireland
Wales and Borders Radiocarbon Database

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