wood and charcoalarchaeobotany; plant macrofossilsfossil insects; archaeoentomologymolluscspalaeohydrology and climateanimal bone; zooarchaeologypollen; palynologyhuman bone; osteoarchaeologyintestinal parasite

Pollen and microfossils

Pollen and spores are microscopic products of plants, between 5 and 100 micron in size. Pollen fulfils the male role in the reproduction cycle of plants. Spores are self-reproducing bodies produced by plants that do not flower, for example, ferns and mosses. more


Independent and company based members:

OCaroll, Ellen___email: eocarro@tcd.ie

Academic and research institution members:

Overland, Dr Anette___email: Anette.Overland@gmail.com

Stefanini, Dr Bettina___email: bstefanini@ipean.ie


Irish Palaeoecology and Environmental Archaeology Network

contact: info@ipean.ie


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