Dr Nora Bermingham

Dr Nora Bermingham

PhD, University of Hull 2005
MSc, Environmental Archaeology and Palaeoeconomy, University of Sheffield, 1993
BA (Hons), Archaeology and Greek & Roman Civilization, University College Dublin, 1990


Association for Environmental Archaeology (AEA)
Irish Quaternary Association (IQUA)

Phone: +353-85- 8068476


  • Excavation
  • Stratigraphic and topographic survey
  • Modeling wetland landscapes
  • Palaeohydrology datasets: testate amoebae and plant macrofossils

Secondary expertise

  • Developing strategies for sampling of bio-archaeological remains particularly from wetlands and waterlogged sites
  • Analysis of archaeo-zoological assemblages (mammal bones)


My primary interest is in wetland archaeology, particularly the archaeology of bogs. As an environmental archaeologist I specialise in the excavation of wetland sites and in reconstructing their environmental context. In August 2012, I was appointed by the DOENI to direct excavations at Drumclay Crannóg, Co. Fermanagh. My appointment represents the first time an environmental archaeologist was specifically appointed to direct an archaeological excavation within Northern Ireland, and was predicated on two decades of experience within wetland environments. I have been co-principal investigator for two major reviews of peatland cultural heritage on behalf of the National Monuments Service, DAHG (IRL) and the IUCN UK, and have reviewed guidelines on archaeological investigations in wetlands for the National Roads Authority, Ireland. Since completing my PhD in 2005 major wetland projects have included topographic survey and high resolution analysis of fossil testate amoebae and plant datasets on behalf of the Discovery Programme and the National Roads Authority. In the 1990s I conducted archaeological survey and excavation within industrial peatlands in the Irish midlands and worked on wetland projects in the UK and Denmark. This period culminated in the excavation and publication of the remains of a medieval bog body from Tumbeagh Bog, Co. Offaly followed by the publication of a monograph detailing the results of this project.
My work has also involved collating the results of several major excavation projects and bringing these to publication. This includes the publication of two NRA Scheme Monographs with a third monograph currently being prepared for publication in 2014. In addition to publication, I also specialise in the analysis of animal bones from archaeological sites. I have examined and reported on collections from a wide range of site types and environmental contexts. This includes wetland, urban and dryland rural sites in Ireland and the UK, and I worked as an archaeozoologist on excavations at Troy, Turkey with the University of Tübingen, Germany.



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Animal bones and wood technology

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